Saturday, January 21, 2017

...Liberal Left or Conservative Right?

Good Day. I must share this story with you...On Thursday, January 19, 2017, I was checking my Twitter account. While scrolling through tweets on one of the major issues of our time, the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, I came across a tweet from actress and self-professed activist, Debra Messing. She was calling for a protest in NYC (#NYtakeover, #100daysofresistance) to challenge some of President Trump's policies. I took one look at the list of those she called to join her, and I noticed most of them were actors (Hollywood Left), one was liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, another was the Radical Rev himself, Al Sharpton, and lastly, our own New York City Mayor - Mayor DeBlasio.

Now, honestly, with that cast of characters, and Messing's hashtags, what good could come of these protests? Regardless though, that is her choice and her right, as long as the protest is peaceful. I, being from the Conservative Right, read that tweet and realized that this call to protest could possibly incite violence, and attract a rough element that would only endanger our City. Just look at what happened in the Streets of Washington, D. C. during President Trump's inauguration on Friday, January 20, 2017 (fires were being started, store windows broken, a car was set on fire, arrests were made).

Anyway, I decided to exercise my right to comment on the tweet, stating that this type of behavior toward our President is shameful, and that he should be given a chance to lead our country before being crucified. Well...all hell broke loose on Twitter this evening (Thursday 1/19/17). I was being hit hard, tweet after tweet, from the liberal left -  "get off Twitter", "fuck you", "you call yourself a writer?", "self-publishing does not make you a writer",  "You live in a world of fiction"...and much more.

Now yes, I am a self-published author on Amazon by choice. After retiring from my day job, I decided to pursue my passion for writing fiction and poetry. That is my right. Why should anyone from the liberal left harass me, degrade me, discredit me, with tweets regarding my efforts to self-publish, because they were upset that I exercised my right to comment on Debra Messing's tweet (above). You see, there is a double standard here. The same rights the liberal left fights for and wants for themselves, are the same rights they attack the conservative right for expressing - The First Amendment is for everyone. However, because the liberal left discovered through Twitter that I was a Trump Supporter, they crucified me by attacking me as a self-published author. One gentleman even tweeted, "How does it feel to be slaughtered on Twitter". He was from the left and thought that they had a right to do this to me. I responded that "their" tweets are amusing and it only confirms my beliefs on the left.

As the evening progressed, a certain liberal-left female continued to harass me, tweeting about my being a terrible author. She actually researched the fact that I was an Indie Author with several books on Amazon, and decided to use that information against me. She went to my Amazon page and found that one of my books, titled "Secrets and Lies", was actually on free promotion. Her tweets to me, discrediting my writing ability, just made her so predictable. I knew she would try to pull something off regarding my ebooks on Amazon, so I checked my Author Page before going to bed that night. Sure enough I found that she had rated my book with one star and gave it a terrible review. Why? Because I was a Trump supporter and exercised my right to comment on liberal left actress, Debra Messing's, tweet. This type of behavior is so typical of the left. Some of you leftists out there may not agree, and some of you may find it in your heart to see that this behavior is wrong. I say stick to the political issues, and stop making it personal. Learn to respect the opposite view.

Anyway, I tweeted this woman back and let her know I was onto her antics. She turned around and replied that she did this to up my readership. She claimed that she read the book in three hours this same evening and found it tedious, but finished it out of obligation rather than joy. Would you believe that? I know she did not read that book in three hours, since she was harassing me with tweets all evening. She may have read the introduction to get an idea of the story, then just put in a fake rating and review.  (See end of this blog post for details)

In closing here, I will just say that I am very disappointed in the behavior of the liberal left, and see that they resort to unfair and vicious attacks on the conservative right for not sharing the same political views. This is very UNAMERICAN!

I find that the "left" has gone to the "dark side" and has joined a vicious cult, similar to the Hollywood Left, which encourages this type of "behavior in solidarity". If this continues, the left will no longer be heard, will no longer be taken seriously, and their fight will end in disaster. Hollywood may suffer the same fate. People will no longer watch the awards shows, they will no longer watch the movies, and they will have little respect for actors they supported in the past. - and that's my story. Ciao!

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