Sunday, January 29, 2017

...Free ebooks in pdf format (Limited-Time Offer) (JUST RATE and REVIEW)

Good Morning...just wanted to let you readers out there (and non-readers, who might enjoy free ebooks), know that my four ebooks are available for a limited-time offer, in pdf format. All you need to do is ask, by contacting me at my e-mail address, below:

Hope you take the opportunity to check them out. If you'd like, (after reading an ebook), it would be very much appreciated if you took a few short moments to rate and review it on Amazon. Just search for the ebook on Amazon under Phyllis P. Colucci, (or simply click on my Author Page on Amazon, also noted below) and go from there. Very simple to do. There is absolutely NO obligation on your part to do so, however. It's just a great thing for an indie author to have on their side, for further promotion and to help get their books out there. So regardless of whether or not you leave a rating and/or review, I do hope you enjoy the ebook(s) during this "limited-time offer". Happy reading!

Below is my Author Page on Amazon. Feel free to browse and read through the "Descriptions" and "Look Inside", to see if any one of the ebooks might interest you. If so, you know what to do. Contact me at my e-mail address above, and I will gladly send you the pdf copy for free. Select as many as you care to read. The books are also available through "Kindle Unlimited" for you avid readers who use that.

Below are extra photos of the book covers, as well -

"Secrets and Lies" (Fiction/Novella/Romance) - (A short read)
"The Hand She Dealt to Me" (Fiction/Novel/Mystery/Suspense)
"Treasure Chest of Words" (A Collection of Original Poems) (Poetry)
"Voices" (Fiction/Novel/Mystery/Suspense)

MY WORDS TO ALL OF YOU: Always remember that authors and poets serve their words onto life's platters for readers to ingest. Whether feast or famine, there is always something special there for everyone. Enjoy!
BEST WISHES- Phyllis P. Colucci                                                    


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