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...Free ebooks in pdf format (Limited-Time Offer) (JUST RATE and REVIEW)

Good Morning...just wanted to let you readers out there (and non-readers, who might enjoy free ebooks), know that my four ebooks are available for a limited-time offer, in pdf format. All you need to do is ask, by contacting me at my e-mail address, below:

Hope you take the opportunity to check them out. If you'd like, (after reading an ebook), it would be very much appreciated if you took a few short moments to rate and review it on Amazon. Just search for the ebook on Amazon under Phyllis P. Colucci, (or simply click on my Author Page on Amazon, also noted below) and go from there. Very simple to do. There is absolutely NO obligation on your part to do so, however. It's just a great thing for an indie author to have on their side, for further promotion and to help get their books out there. So regardless of whether or not you leave a rating and/or review, I do hope you enjoy the ebook(s) during this "limited-time offer". Happy reading!

Below is my Author Page on Amazon. Feel free to browse and read through the "Descriptions" and "Look Inside", to see if any one of the ebooks might interest you. If so, you know what to do. Contact me at my e-mail address above, and I will gladly send you the pdf copy for free. Select as many as you care to read. The books are also available through "Kindle Unlimited" for you avid readers who use that.

Below are extra photos of the book covers, as well -

"Secrets and Lies" (Fiction/Novella/Romance) - (A short read)
"The Hand She Dealt to Me" (Fiction/Novel/Mystery/Suspense)
"Treasure Chest of Words" (A Collection of Original Poems) (Poetry)
"Voices" (Fiction/Novel/Mystery/Suspense)

MY WORDS TO ALL OF YOU: Always remember that authors and poets serve their words onto life's platters for readers to ingest. Whether feast or famine, there is always something special there for everyone. Enjoy!
BEST WISHES- Phyllis P. Colucci                                                    

Saturday, January 21, 2017

...Liberal Left or Conservative Right?

Good Day. I must share this story with you...On Thursday, January 19, 2017, I was checking my Twitter account. While scrolling through tweets on one of the major issues of our time, the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, I came across a tweet from actress and self-professed activist, Debra Messing. She was calling for a protest in NYC (#NYtakeover, #100daysofresistance) to challenge some of President Trump's policies. I took one look at the list of those she called to join her, and I noticed most of them were actors (Hollywood Left), one was liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, another was the Radical Rev himself, Al Sharpton, and lastly, our own New York City Mayor - Mayor DeBlasio.

Now, honestly, with that cast of characters, and Messing's hashtags, what good could come of these protests? Regardless though, that is her choice and her right, as long as the protest is peaceful. I, being from the Conservative Right, read that tweet and realized that this call to protest could possibly incite violence, and attract a rough element that would only endanger our City. Just look at what happened in the Streets of Washington, D. C. during President Trump's inauguration on Friday, January 20, 2017 (fires were being started, store windows broken, a car was set on fire, arrests were made).

Anyway, I decided to exercise my right to comment on the tweet, stating that this type of behavior toward our President is shameful, and that he should be given a chance to lead our country before being crucified. Well...all hell broke loose on Twitter this evening (Thursday 1/19/17). I was being hit hard, tweet after tweet, from the liberal left -  "get off Twitter", "fuck you", "you call yourself a writer?", "self-publishing does not make you a writer",  "You live in a world of fiction"...and much more.

Now yes, I am a self-published author on Amazon by choice. After retiring from my day job, I decided to pursue my passion for writing fiction and poetry. That is my right. Why should anyone from the liberal left harass me, degrade me, discredit me, with tweets regarding my efforts to self-publish, because they were upset that I exercised my right to comment on Debra Messing's tweet (above). You see, there is a double standard here. The same rights the liberal left fights for and wants for themselves, are the same rights they attack the conservative right for expressing - The First Amendment is for everyone. However, because the liberal left discovered through Twitter that I was a Trump Supporter, they crucified me by attacking me as a self-published author. One gentleman even tweeted, "How does it feel to be slaughtered on Twitter". He was from the left and thought that they had a right to do this to me. I responded that "their" tweets are amusing and it only confirms my beliefs on the left.

As the evening progressed, a certain liberal-left female continued to harass me, tweeting about my being a terrible author. She actually researched the fact that I was an Indie Author with several books on Amazon, and decided to use that information against me. She went to my Amazon page and found that one of my books, titled "Secrets and Lies", was actually on free promotion. Her tweets to me, discrediting my writing ability, just made her so predictable. I knew she would try to pull something off regarding my ebooks on Amazon, so I checked my Author Page before going to bed that night. Sure enough I found that she had rated my book with one star and gave it a terrible review. Why? Because I was a Trump supporter and exercised my right to comment on liberal left actress, Debra Messing's, tweet. This type of behavior is so typical of the left. Some of you leftists out there may not agree, and some of you may find it in your heart to see that this behavior is wrong. I say stick to the political issues, and stop making it personal. Learn to respect the opposite view.

Anyway, I tweeted this woman back and let her know I was onto her antics. She turned around and replied that she did this to up my readership. She claimed that she read the book in three hours this same evening and found it tedious, but finished it out of obligation rather than joy. Would you believe that? I know she did not read that book in three hours, since she was harassing me with tweets all evening. She may have read the introduction to get an idea of the story, then just put in a fake rating and review.  (See end of this blog post for details)

In closing here, I will just say that I am very disappointed in the behavior of the liberal left, and see that they resort to unfair and vicious attacks on the conservative right for not sharing the same political views. This is very UNAMERICAN!

I find that the "left" has gone to the "dark side" and has joined a vicious cult, similar to the Hollywood Left, which encourages this type of "behavior in solidarity". If this continues, the left will no longer be heard, will no longer be taken seriously, and their fight will end in disaster. Hollywood may suffer the same fate. People will no longer watch the awards shows, they will no longer watch the movies, and they will have little respect for actors they supported in the past. - and that's my story. Ciao!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

...On "Dialogue-Only" Fiction

One of the first ebooks I ever attempted to write, titled "The Hand She Dealt to Me", actually ended up to be a work of fiction written totally in "dialogue-only" style. I didn't realize the direction I was going in until I was half way or better, towards completion of the novel. That's when I stopped and questioned myself as to what the heck I was doing. With all the work and effort that I had already invested in this work of fiction, I decided to ride it out and continue on this path until I reached the end of my story. To my amazement, I was fully engrossed in the characters, the storyline, the twists and turns to the plot, the climax, etc...etc...and surprised myself when I went back and read/proofread the entire novel. I actually felt a sense of accomplishment after using this style of writing.

However, since it was a style I was not familiar with, both as a reader and a writer, I decided to research the style to see if other authors attempted this. To my surprise, I found some information out there which helped me come to terms with the fact that I had chosen a unique writing style and was setting myself up for some serious criticism. (Below is a bit of information on the subject, written by a gentleman named ALEXANDER KALAMAROFF, which I came across while searching the internet):


The dialogue novel is a unique creature. In it the conversations among characters are the primary or only means of narrative advancement—so the initial experience might be similar to reading a play or movie script, where we’re tasked to mentally dramatize what we’re reading. But the dialogue novel is intriguing because it is not meant for stage or screen. And compared to its compatriot, the monologue novel—which has a substantial history shaped by Dostoevsky, Nabokov, and W.G. Sebald, to name only three masters of that form—the dialogue novel is quite rare. While they can be challenging to read, dialogue-dominated narratives create amazing opportunities for philosophical inquiry, stylistic originality, and stunning creativity that are surely worth exploring.
So, in  my opinion, readers either love the style or hate it. Some of my critics felt confused in keeping up with the dialogue, the characters, and who was speaking at the time. Others enjoyed it thoroughly, according to verbal and written reviews. I made it a point to use the characters' names quite frequently in order to identify the speakers for the readers to follow easily. I also made an effort to use separate paragraphs for each speaker. It seemed to flow smoothly for me.  However, I was the creator of this work of fiction. I owned it, I controlled it, I brought it to life. Of course it would run smoothly for me as I read it. So knowing that this work of fiction could somehow prove to be challenging to a reader, it's out there living amongst the many books on the Amazon market, waiting to be purchased by someone who wants to be challenged. Yes, it reads like a play, but feels like a movie. You may find yourself in the middle of the action, with a sudden urge to reach out to the characters. You will want to touch them, talk with them, laugh with them, cry with them, accompany them on their journeys, eat with them, drink with them, and whatever else tickles your fancy. 

You may be pleasantly surprised by this writing style, while enjoying a wonderful story, with twists and turns that may place you so deep into the story that the only way out is to remain there until the very end. Ha! If interested in this experience, feel free to check it out on Amazon (it's just a click away):

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Let me introduce you to:

Currently, three of my ebooks are being featured on that site for purchase through 

If anyone is interested in reading FREE EXCERPTS from "The Hand She Dealt to Me", "Voices", and "Secrets and Lies", feel free to visit .

Below are two featured posts from, for two of my three ebooks: "Secrets and Lies" and "Voices":

Sunday, January 8, 2017

..."Echo 'round the World" - Dedicated to Elvis Presley 1/8/17

Today is the birthday of music legend Elvis Presley. I would like to share a poem with all of you, which I had written some years back, titled "Echo 'round the World", dedicated to his memory, and presented today by - Hope you enjoy it!


(Dedicated to Elvis Presley)
written by: Phyllis P. Colucci

When August breezes whisper tunes
of yesterday, I will remember you…
And through it all, I can recall,
The echo ‘round the world;
“It’s Now or Never”, “Love Me Tender”,
“Good Luck Charm”, and “Surrender”…
There was a sudden death today
and the world became still –
The silence swept the torrid streets
and left behind a chill.
Sorrow filled the hearts of many,
who have listened to him sing –
The man is gone; the Legend lives -
The Legend of the King
Beneath his smile a memory burns
with each vibrant song;
And through the torment of it all,
he never did belong.
This memory, which chains his soul,
of one he loved so dear,
Has grown so huge, since ’58,
and he aches to hold her near.
The grief which reigns would change his life,
His eyes will bleed with tears.
The grief will greet his every day –
His pain will breed his fears.
His home will sob each holiday
from the loss of one so fair.
Her spirit hums a world away,
but often visits there.
A lonely heart he did possess
Yet smiled so warm and true
And from his lips he did confess,
“It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)” –
Yet, through it all, he always knew,
there was that question “Why?” -
But tears shall fall, and God may call,
an answer from the sky.
…August of ’77 left a sad earth behind…
From the rockin’ halls of heaven,
he looks upon mankind.
Someday he knows we’ll meet again,
so now we say good-bye.
The loss is great – until then,
when we may learn why.
His music fills the universe
and children seem to know,
The man that is a Legend now,
has lived some time ago.
But he sings the world a lullaby
each clear and star-filled night,
And flies about the heavens,
‘til dark meets morning light
When August breezes whisper tunes
of yesterday, I will remember you…
And through it all, I can recall,
The echo ‘round the world;
“It’s Now or Never”, “Love Me Tender”,
“Good Luck Charm”, and “Surrender”…

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