Friday, June 17, 2016

...My Writing Style at a Glance - "The Hand She Dealt to Me"

Just an excerpt from my first ebook, titled "The Hand She Dealt to Me" - CHECK IT OUT!

...Yes I am Fortune Teller. You look surprised. Please know that I am very good at what I do. Let me read fortune for you – for free. You come see me. For you I do tarot reading. Tarot is very powerful reading. You will enjoy the experience.

Well I don’t really believe in that kind of thing. I’m Catholic Amira, and this type of thing goes against my religion. It’s really forbidden.

But I have gift from God. I do good thing, not bad. How can good thing be forbidden my friend?

Who is your God, Amira. Is it Allah? I know, because you’re Muslim. We do not practice the same religion. We don’t believe in the same God. Allah is not my God Amira. Still, I don’t believe Allah would approve of Fortune Telling either.

Oh no my friend. You make a little mistake here. Allah is God in Muslim religion, yes; but Allah is not my God too. I am Catholic, like you Lia. Even though my family is from Lebanon, we have many Catholics there. I am good Christian, like you Lia. So as I say, I have gift from God in heaven. Our God Lia. Believe me, I only work for the good, not the bad, not the evil.

Well now I’m even more surprised Amira. I don’t know many Catholics that would choose your line of work as a career. I’m sure you do very good things for some people, but I wouldn’t like to know my future. That’s in God’s hands. God has a plan for all of us Amira, even you. What will be, will be. Now please, I really should go. I’m running late.

Wait my friend. Please. I can help you with family matter, personal matter, finance. Let me read tarot for you. I sense you need some help with family matter. I see aura around you that tells me you are a little sad maybe? In need of a little help maybe? You have some things
on your mind that cause you a little confusion? You worry much. Come…come walk back to
my shop. I read for free.

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