Saturday, May 14, 2016

"Treasure Chest of Words" (A Collection of Original Poems)

Fiction Tarot here... Did you know poets/writers create vivid pictures through words and emotions, just the way artists/painters do through brush strokes and color?  So this is what I tried to do with my new ebook, titled "Treasure Chest of Words".

This book is a short anthology of about sixteen poems I had written over the years, which I finally decided to share.  So welcome to my world of "words" and "emotions"...If you decide to check out "Treasure Chest of Words" (A Collection of Original Poems), by me- Phyllis P. Colucci (Fiction Tarot), I truly hope you enjoy it.  It is a short, quaint little ebook (, that may prove to be just a quick read when you're looking for something simple and something calming to relax with.  It could also give you something to think about, while getting your emotions going.

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