Saturday, January 2, 2016

...on "The New Year, 2016"

Well, here it is...another year for new beginnings.  A chance to make a new start, a chance to do things better, enjoy things better, say things better, feel things better, eat better, live better, love better, learn better.  It's our personal choice.  Call it "A New Year's Resolution", or call it something else; but the point is we all need to change for the better and move on with a renewed strength.  If we stay in the same place, the result will always be the same - Nothing good will come of that.  Unless, of course, you're truly in a great place and there is no need for change.  I think, however, there is always room for change.  So with that thought, plan your next move and keep on going.  There will always be new choices to make, new roads to take, and new obstacles to overcome.  Just move wisely and move safely.  Experience life with an open mind, even if it knocks you out of your comfort zone. One never knows what wonderful person, place or thing awaits us.  So carry on with hope in your heart - and try to remember that God will change the things we cannot change.  He will guide and lead us when we feel lost.  All we have to do is acknowledge that and just keep moving.  Whether you walk, skip, run or jump...keep moving.  There will always be somewhere to go, there will always be a road to travel. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Just be sure you look for it in your travels.  If you don't see it, keep moving. God will provide that light. You will eventually find it. Sounds upbeat, positive and wonderful, doesn't it.  Well I struggle with believing all of that myself; however, it is all we have, and we must keep the faith.  No one's life is perfect, no one is totally happy.  So just keep moving on or you will forever stay in the same place with no hope or dreams for the future - for yourself, your friends or your family.  We can't have that now.  So go, take that first step, take that next step...Great!  See, we can all do it.  Just keep moving ahead.  You can look back every once in a while too, as long as it helps you to move on.  If looking back stifles you, then don't do it.  Just look ahead and keep moving.  Leave the past in that rear-view mirror and watch from the driver's seat as it disappears.  Speed up a bit.  You'll see it disappear faster.  Keep going, stay strong, and good luck! on a sadder note, I learned the day after Christmas that the handsome gentleman who sat across from us at the local diner every Saturday morning, who enjoyed breakfast and shared many conversations with us, was found dead in the East River Christmas Eve morning.  He was an elderly gentleman who we only got to know through our weekly visits to the diner.  He stood out, however.  There was something special about him.  We learned from talking with him that he loved children and he loved baseball. He loved his occasional drink once in a while too.  He also had a "lady-friend" whom he was very fond of.  They recently went to a Broadway play together, went Christmas shopping at the mall together, and had plans to meet for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner.  He never married, but spent holidays with his nieces and nephews.  He laughed, he joked and he enjoyed making others laugh. That empty chair at the table across from us will forever hold the memory of this wonderful gentleman who decided to stop walking and stop moving this Christmas season.  He forgot that God would have helped him find his way, he forgot to keep moving and to look ahead.  It seemed he had so much more of life to live if he only waited a bit longer to find his light at the end of the tunnel.  Sadly, he chose not to.  I'm not sure what pushed this man over the edge; but I will surely remember the "brave" smile upon his face as he greeted us every Saturday morning at the diner.  May he "rest in peace" and may God bless his weary soul.          

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