Friday, November 13, 2015

...on "Friday the 13th"

Well, today is Friday the 13th.  All my life my friends, family (and myself) always joked about how "unlucky" Friday the 13th was.  Even the number "13" by itself had a negative connotation, although we joked/laughed about it.  I think that the reality of bad luck lurking behind every corner on Friday the 13th was very real to all of us.  No one wanted to admit it though.  Laughing and joking about it seemed easier and much safer.  So all through the years, that's what we did.  I don't ever recall, however, anyone I know ever saying that they ran into some horrible bad luck on Friday the 13th.

I do recall hearing that many hotels right here in New York City, and some high-rise apartment buildings as well, DO NOT have a 13th Floor.  What's up with that?  If that's the case, then there IS a universal acknowledgement, and admittance, that the number 13 is BAD LUCK!  Ugh!  Actually, because of that, I wouldn't want to live on the 13th Floor.  That being said, it's kind of silly when you think about it though.  Regardless of the "unmarked" 13th Floor - in actuality, if you count the floors in your head, there WILL be a 13th Floor somewhere in the mix.  Someone will be visiting or living on that 13th Floor.  Not physically numbering that floor "13" does not mean that the 13th Floor doesn't exist. It's out there, unnamed in this case, but alive and well.  So what does this mean?  It means that our superstitions along with the power of suggestion can do a number on us.  I guarantee that if you ask anyone living on an "unmarked" 13th Floor if they've experienced any bad luck, they will tell you "absolutely not".  On the other hand, if you ask anyone living on a "physically marked" 13th Floor if they've experienced any bad luck, they would probably answer "yes" and share some of their "bad luck" stories as well.  So I rest my case.  Just superstition and the power of suggestion.  No merit at all to bad luck with the number 13 or the 13th Floor.  Am I trying to convince myself?  Maybe.  Just a little.  So I'll avoid ever living on or visiting the "13th Floor" - if it's visibly marked, of course.  Just in case!  Ha!

Well on the other side of the coin, I spoke to several people today (who knew me but didn't know each other), and they had a different take on Friday the 13th and the number 13.  They've enlightened me on something I should have known all of my life, being Italian.  They told me that Italians, especially those in Italy, believe the number 13 to actually be a lucky number.  So, in all fairness to Friday the 13th and the number 13, we should all embrace it as a happy and lucky number.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  When in America, well - that's your choice.

...So, did you open your eyes to a new day today, Friday the 13th?  Did you manage to smile and chat with some friends, family and neighbors, as well?  Did you go about your chores and errands without a problem? Did you have money in your pocket to go food shopping, clothes shopping, or just enjoy a leisurely lunch?  If you did, I'd say you were pretty lucky today, on Friday the 13th.  So why not rent a room on the 13th Floor of a hotel in the city (if you dare) with someone special.  Order a bottle of fine wine along with a fabulous dinner, then toast the number 13 together.  You will have shared a special night with someone, a glass of wine and good food as well; and then you'll both have woken up to a new day with a smile upon your lips and a thankful heart for having the opportunity to have celebrated Friday the 13th!  Ah, but just be sure that 13th Floor is an "unmarked" 13th Floor.  Only you will know it to be the 13th Floor in your own mind.  If it stays there, it won't exist, right? Better safe than sorry!


ADDENDUM:  OMG!  How ironic.  Just learned of the horrific terrorist attack in Paris, France. What is this world coming to?  It just happened to take place on Friday the 13th!  Learning of this after writing my little post on "Friday the 13th", seemed insensitive to me; although not intentional. The attack occurred soon after my writing.  Just a terrible, unfortunate coincidence.  However, my little post is just my opinion on something silly we laugh at, believe in, or not believe in.  In any case, this act of terrorism does not have anything to do with Friday the 13th.  It was an attack on our freedom and the freedom of the people of France, by those who want to do harm, have done harm and will continue to do harm, regardless of what day it is.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims, their families, and all the people of France who have suffered at the hands of terrorists on this awful day in history.  Let's all pray for peace in these hard times.  God, please bless all nations.  We are under attack.