Wednesday, September 9, 2015

...on "Nature and Our Changing Seasons"

Like a White Horse in majestic splendor,
                Galloping through jaded bliss-
                                She ran…

Her naked breasts slapped the winds
Her golden mane gave chase
With dew-kissed feet she blessed the land
                and christened it “Her Space”.

Her jeweled lips of ruby red
                told a tale of love-
Of Winter snow and Springtime mist
                her gifts from up above
Of Summer sun and Autumn hue
                and flight of virgin dove

To her delight, the day met night
                she settled  ‘neath  her sky
To rest and dream and snuggle in
                             the warmth of Nature’s High.



There is Magic in the silence of a shocking starlit night
As children dream the dreams of kings
                ‘til darkness turns to light

There is Magic in the roaring of a righteous raging sea
As salt-spray soothes the burning sands
                the seagulls frolic free

There is Magic in the seasons that turn the pages of time
As Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
                mature like aging wine 

There is Magic in the whistling wind that prances past my face
And lightly stings my reddened cheeks
                with Mother Nature’s grace

There is Magic in the universe for everyone to share
Just turn your head throughout your day
                for it is always there…

Saturday, September 5, 2015

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