Sunday, August 9, 2015

...on "Writing"

Hi.  I'm a freelance writer from Brooklyn, New York, pursuing my passion for writing fiction now that I have entered the "retirement" phase of my life.  Since retiring in 2011, I have written two ebooks on  I am currently working on a third.  My earliest title is "The Hand She Dealt to Me".  This is a mystery/suspense storyline encompassing love, friendship, family and betrayal; with a bit of humor and an ethnic slant.  It takes one stranger to turn everyone's life upside down, and then lead them into a dangerous world of deceit and trickery...

I thought I'd try a different writing style approach with this ebook, so I wrote in "dialogue-only".  The characters speak to each other from beginning to end and have the great ability of reeling you into their lives so they can take you by the hand, on their journey, every step of the way.  My goal here was to place the reader in the middle of the action, so that they could see, hear, smell, taste and feel, along with the characters, as each sentence is read and each page is turned.

Has anyone read a book in a "dialogue-only" style?  I would love to hear your comments/feedback on that.

My second ebook titled "Voices" is another mystery/suspense storyline that happens in a Brooklyn basement.  Are the voices coming up from the basement, through the air shaft, real?  - or is the house haunted?  The protagonist, Rosalie, must come to terms with those voices and determine what is real and what is not, while her relationships with her one true love, Franco, and her best friend, Maria, fall apart in the process.  Only one man comes to her aid.  Can he save her?

Writing is wonderful...A writer writes from personal experiences, and then paints images and pictures through colorful words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and pages; telling great stories about extraordinary characters. An artist paints from personal experiences as well, drawing from the heart, but using vibrant-colored paints to create images and pictures for all to see.  The writer captivates you with words while the artist captivates you with color.      

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