Saturday, August 15, 2015

...on "Republican Presidential Hopeful"

Yes, he may go over and beyond with his words.  Yes he shoots "fire" and lets you know he's there. Yes, he's a barracuda...Is he honest?  Is he strong?  Is he transparent?  Can he get the job done?  Is he a leader?  Absolutely.  He is Donald Trump.  He is not concerned with being "Politically Correct", he is not concerned about what others think of him.  He doesn't care about other politicians who consistently talk garbage to win an election.  He is not a "politician" seeking the Presidency.  He is a United States Citizen, an AMERICAN, seeking the Presidency.  His goal is to save this country from further destruction and to undo the harm already caused by our previous leaders.  He wants to "Make America Great Again".  He speaks with a "proactive" agenda, not a "reactive", sit back and wait attitude.  He doesn't want to make friends with our enemies or pat them on the back, while they walk away laughing under their breath, pulling the rug from under our feet.  No, Mr. Trump will prove to be a new breed.  One that will take this country out of the hole it's in and move us forward with dignity and strength.  He is a businessman who will run America like a well-managed business, and protect it from anyone and anything that is a threat to "his" business, to "our" business.  Wake up America! We need a leader.  If Mr. Trump puts people on edge, makes them nervous, frightens them, speaks his mind, tells the truth, intimidates some, refuses to apologize - then he's done his job.  He's the man for the Presidency.  Imagine what he could do to our enemies.  Imagine what he could do for our country - our economy, our healthcare, our military, our place in this world.  Think about it.  Do you want more of the same or do you want to "Make America Great Again"?  If not for yourselves, then for your children, for your grandchildren, for the future of the United States of America.  We should be a leader among all nations.  The "flagship" country that represents tenacity, democracy and freedom for everyone.  The "flagship" country that is respected by all and cannot be fooled/messed with; and that is just one opinion from one American - Me.    (May GOD bless this beautiful country in the process.)

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  1. Ooh thanks Phyllis for writing That! I agree with you 100%* I believe he is the only true American looking out for us!