Saturday, August 29, 2015

...on "Insomnia"

Have you known the torment from the darkest hours of the night?
                Where wicked, whirling skeletons dance ‘til morning light?
                                Their shadows breathe quite heavily
                                                as they tip-toe ‘cross your bed
                                                ascending to the ceiling…drifting overhead

Their melancholy hissing echoes in your ears
                Tapping at your heart, rousing all your fears
                                Blanketing your weary soul with rash, undaunted fury
                                                raping all your virtues
                                                playing judge and jury

The Waltz of Ghouls has just begun at this haunting hour
                For there is no refuge – nocturnal demons are in power!
                                You may close your eyes to their performance and force the curtain down                                                yet your soul will dwell amongst them
                                                they will offer you the Crown   

A Queen they seek to rule their haven as they gather where they may
But No!  This shall not happen while you turn and look away
                …the dark is gone!  The light has come!
                …now they are lost in “day”

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