Monday, August 10, 2015

...on "Brooklyn in the Morning"

Thought I could sleep a bit longer this morning until the deep aromas of someone's breakfast delivery rose up from the noisy Avenue, right through my third-floor bedroom window, waking up my senses. I wasn't quite ready for the pungent odors of onions and peppers travelling up my nose when I hadn't even had the chance to sip some orange juice or brush my teeth.  If I was sitting in a diner, ordering breakfast, those aromas would have been welcomed.  Not this morning, however.  They were too strong, too early, and too stinging; and not the best "wake-up" call.  So as those food scents slowly dissipated, I rolled over, pulled the sheets back up to my neck, and fell asleep to the symphony of harmonious birds singing, neighbors laughing, and the crescendo of loud honking horns; as the traffic rolled down my Brooklyn street.

This is New York, this is Brooklyn, and I will always love it no matter what...Actually this is a great beginning for my next writing project...waking up to the aromas of onions and never know where the story can lead.  Have a great day everyone.

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