Friday, November 13, 2015

...on "Friday the 13th"

Well, today is Friday the 13th.  All my life my friends, family (and myself) always joked about how "unlucky" Friday the 13th was.  Even the number "13" by itself had a negative connotation, although we joked/laughed about it.  I think that the reality of bad luck lurking behind every corner on Friday the 13th was very real to all of us.  No one wanted to admit it though.  Laughing and joking about it seemed easier and much safer.  So all through the years, that's what we did.  I don't ever recall, however, anyone I know ever saying that they ran into some horrible bad luck on Friday the 13th.

I do recall hearing that many hotels right here in New York City, and some high-rise apartment buildings as well, DO NOT have a 13th Floor.  What's up with that?  If that's the case, then there IS a universal acknowledgement, and admittance, that the number 13 is BAD LUCK!  Ugh!  Actually, because of that, I wouldn't want to live on the 13th Floor.  That being said, it's kind of silly when you think about it though.  Regardless of the "unmarked" 13th Floor - in actuality, if you count the floors in your head, there WILL be a 13th Floor somewhere in the mix.  Someone will be visiting or living on that 13th Floor.  Not physically numbering that floor "13" does not mean that the 13th Floor doesn't exist. It's out there, unnamed in this case, but alive and well.  So what does this mean?  It means that our superstitions along with the power of suggestion can do a number on us.  I guarantee that if you ask anyone living on an "unmarked" 13th Floor if they've experienced any bad luck, they will tell you "absolutely not".  On the other hand, if you ask anyone living on a "physically marked" 13th Floor if they've experienced any bad luck, they would probably answer "yes" and share some of their "bad luck" stories as well.  So I rest my case.  Just superstition and the power of suggestion.  No merit at all to bad luck with the number 13 or the 13th Floor.  Am I trying to convince myself?  Maybe.  Just a little.  So I'll avoid ever living on or visiting the "13th Floor" - if it's visibly marked, of course.  Just in case!  Ha!

Well on the other side of the coin, I spoke to several people today (who knew me but didn't know each other), and they had a different take on Friday the 13th and the number 13.  They've enlightened me on something I should have known all of my life, being Italian.  They told me that Italians, especially those in Italy, believe the number 13 to actually be a lucky number.  So, in all fairness to Friday the 13th and the number 13, we should all embrace it as a happy and lucky number.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  When in America, well - that's your choice.

...So, did you open your eyes to a new day today, Friday the 13th?  Did you manage to smile and chat with some friends, family and neighbors, as well?  Did you go about your chores and errands without a problem? Did you have money in your pocket to go food shopping, clothes shopping, or just enjoy a leisurely lunch?  If you did, I'd say you were pretty lucky today, on Friday the 13th.  So why not rent a room on the 13th Floor of a hotel in the city (if you dare) with someone special.  Order a bottle of fine wine along with a fabulous dinner, then toast the number 13 together.  You will have shared a special night with someone, a glass of wine and good food as well; and then you'll both have woken up to a new day with a smile upon your lips and a thankful heart for having the opportunity to have celebrated Friday the 13th!  Ah, but just be sure that 13th Floor is an "unmarked" 13th Floor.  Only you will know it to be the 13th Floor in your own mind.  If it stays there, it won't exist, right? Better safe than sorry!


ADDENDUM:  OMG!  How ironic.  Just learned of the horrific terrorist attack in Paris, France. What is this world coming to?  It just happened to take place on Friday the 13th!  Learning of this after writing my little post on "Friday the 13th", seemed insensitive to me; although not intentional. The attack occurred soon after my writing.  Just a terrible, unfortunate coincidence.  However, my little post is just my opinion on something silly we laugh at, believe in, or not believe in.  In any case, this act of terrorism does not have anything to do with Friday the 13th.  It was an attack on our freedom and the freedom of the people of France, by those who want to do harm, have done harm and will continue to do harm, regardless of what day it is.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all of the victims, their families, and all the people of France who have suffered at the hands of terrorists on this awful day in history.  Let's all pray for peace in these hard times.  God, please bless all nations.  We are under attack.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

...on "Nature and Our Changing Seasons"

Like a White Horse in majestic splendor,
                Galloping through jaded bliss-
                                She ran…

Her naked breasts slapped the winds
Her golden mane gave chase
With dew-kissed feet she blessed the land
                and christened it “Her Space”.

Her jeweled lips of ruby red
                told a tale of love-
Of Winter snow and Springtime mist
                her gifts from up above
Of Summer sun and Autumn hue
                and flight of virgin dove

To her delight, the day met night
                she settled  ‘neath  her sky
To rest and dream and snuggle in
                             the warmth of Nature’s High.



There is Magic in the silence of a shocking starlit night
As children dream the dreams of kings
                ‘til darkness turns to light

There is Magic in the roaring of a righteous raging sea
As salt-spray soothes the burning sands
                the seagulls frolic free

There is Magic in the seasons that turn the pages of time
As Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
                mature like aging wine 

There is Magic in the whistling wind that prances past my face
And lightly stings my reddened cheeks
                with Mother Nature’s grace

There is Magic in the universe for everyone to share
Just turn your head throughout your day
                for it is always there…

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Check out "Voices" and "The Hand She Dealt to Me" on ebooks

If you love a bit of mystery, romance, humor, love, friendship, family, betrayal, suspense; check out both of my ebooks, below.  Take a peek at the "Look Inside".  It's free on  If you choose to read either or both of those books, please take the time to comment on  I thank you in advance for your interest and time in reading my work.  Be kind and enjoy!
HAVE A WONDERFUL READ...ALL THE BEST - Phyllis (@FictionTarot)


 ("Voices") and ("The Hand She Dealt to Me")

Saturday, August 29, 2015

...on "Growing Old and Alone in the Big City"


               A CITY WINDOW

A lamp glows in a City Window
                high above echoing traffic,
                hidden by tall lurching trees…

The evening breeze taps at the windowsill
                rushing past the open shade
There she sits in her lonely room
                a dimpled smile; a memory fade
A cat nestled in her plump lap
                a twinkle in her pale blue eyes
Frail fingers sweeping strands of grey
                whimpering words and sullen sighs
Her purring friend prances off to sleep
                and meows a “good-night” along the way
But no other soul ever passes by
                not for one minute in one day
Yet she glances out past the trees
                still beckoning to passersby
But no one notices the elder one
                again she hangs her head to cry

…and a lamp glows in a City Window
                high above echoing traffic,
                hidden by tall lurching trees     


...on "The Beauty of the Sea"


        ALL IN A NIGHT

Whispering winds sing such sweet songs
Lingering chimes thrill the night
The sea roars wild in the twilight
Crashing its waves of foam white

Old sand castles fade where the shore wets its lips
Echoes of fog horns bounce off the tips
Of the rocks in the moonlight which shimmer so fine
Like the lustrous sheen of onyx divine

The deep-daring odor of seaweed is strong
Riding the waves as they tumble along
And cotton-ball clouds float ‘cross the sky
Ducking past moonbeams, then meet eye to eye

The melody heightens as deep darkness falls
The night will grow meek when the Sun Lord calls
And morning will open its arms to the sea
                --The waves will fall softly, the sand castles free.

...on "Insomnia"

Have you known the torment from the darkest hours of the night?
                Where wicked, whirling skeletons dance ‘til morning light?
                                Their shadows breathe quite heavily
                                                as they tip-toe ‘cross your bed
                                                ascending to the ceiling…drifting overhead

Their melancholy hissing echoes in your ears
                Tapping at your heart, rousing all your fears
                                Blanketing your weary soul with rash, undaunted fury
                                                raping all your virtues
                                                playing judge and jury

The Waltz of Ghouls has just begun at this haunting hour
                For there is no refuge – nocturnal demons are in power!
                                You may close your eyes to their performance and force the curtain down                                                yet your soul will dwell amongst them
                                                they will offer you the Crown   

A Queen they seek to rule their haven as they gather where they may
But No!  This shall not happen while you turn and look away
                …the dark is gone!  The light has come!
                …now they are lost in “day”

Monday, August 24, 2015

...on "Writer's Block"

Writer's Block.  What is it exactly?  Let your imagination roll a bit.  Just think of those two words and see what you come up with.  Is it a paperweight?  Is it a desk ornament?  Is it just an ordinary block of wood used to write on?  Is it some sort of a block for writers to lean on?  Is it a city street named for writers? - Perhaps you live on "Writer's Block"?  No, it's actually a temporary ailment that incapacitates writers at one time or another.

Ask yourself, "Do I have 'Writer's Block'?"  Do I need medical or psychiatric intervention for this ailment?  Can I cure it?  Is there a cure?

"Writer's Block" is a temporary roadblock in your mind.  It's an obstacle that stifles you in a maze of pathways within your own brain.  It paralyzes your thought process.  It robs you of the ability to create great stories, develop strong characters, and exist in "their" world while you set the wheels in motion and control every darn thing that's happening in that world.  Once you can get back to accomplishing all of that again, you will soon be able to leave "Writer's Block" in the rearview mirror of your mind; as you drive off with your new masterpiece in tow, ready to introduce to the world a fabulous short story/novel that will take them by storm.    

Now that we have that out of the way - two questions you must ask yourself.  Where does "Writer's Block" come from?-  and how can I cure it?

In my opinion, "writer's block" comes from daily stress, all sorts of stress (financial, family, personal). Disorganization in your life and mismanagement of your time will add to your stress. Spreading yourself thin on a daily basis in order to attend to everyone's needs but your own will surely interfere with your creativity.  You decide what's causing your stress.  Identify it and embrace it.  Hold it close until you can annihilate it.

How do we annihilate our stress in order to rid ourselves of "Writer's Block"?  First we need to understand that "writer's block" is always there.  It's behind us, in front of us, above us, and around us.  Can we ever rid ourselves of "writer's block"?  I don't think so.  It just comes with the territory. However, I believe we can try to keep it at bay and/or control it once it reaches us, by controlling what's going on in our personal lives.

In order to accomplish this, let your friends and family know that you need some "alone" time.  If it helps you, then set a portion of each day aside where you can be totally committed to your friends and family.  Then be sure you set time aside for "you" as well.  After you've organized your bills, finished the food shopping, managed your everyday responsibilities, gotten a babysitter (if necessary), then find that space where you can be alone to think.  You MUST do this, in order to create and begin to write.  You may NOT allow any family or friends (partners, spouses, kids included) to enter that space and interfere with your privacy; nor may you make or accept any phone calls that will break your momentum.  You must become a dedicated "loner" in order to accomplish this, and your friends and family must respect that.

When you're finally in your private space, sit back in a comfortable chair; close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax.  If you happen to have a cup of coffee, tea, or maybe a glass of wine by your side, well that's a win-win situation. A win for your well-being, and a win for your creativity.  If there is an open window in your space, look out and see what moves you, see what tickles your senses.  Maybe it's a sweet tiny bird flying by, or a garden filled with colorful flowers and perfumed scents; maybe it's the winter snow that's beginning to fall beneath the moonlight; maybe it's the autumn winds blowing the leaves off the trees, which dance past your window; or maybe it's the aromas from someone's backyard barbecue that excite you.  Find that special something that sets your heart and mind on fire.  Find that special something that takes you by the hand and leads you right back into your fantasyland...where suddenly you come alive again; where suddenly you begin to magically write; where suddenly you become possessed by the most beautiful words and phrases ever heard; where suddenly you realize you have left your "writer's block" in your rearview mirror.  Carry on my friends.  Be successful.  Write...create...share!  Good Luck!        

Before I go, I'd like you to know that I get "writer's block" too sometimes.  I think I have it now.  It creeps up on you when you least expect it.  It's like the flu. Once it takes hold of you, it doesn't let go. The fever gets worse by the hour.  But have no fear.  Take control and you will survive.  

...I think it's time for me to find my private space and look out my open window, to see what's there that just may shake me back into the world of "creativity".

Saturday, August 15, 2015

...on "Republican Presidential Hopeful"

Yes, he may go over and beyond with his words.  Yes he shoots "fire" and lets you know he's there. Yes, he's a barracuda...Is he honest?  Is he strong?  Is he transparent?  Can he get the job done?  Is he a leader?  Absolutely.  He is Donald Trump.  He is not concerned with being "Politically Correct", he is not concerned about what others think of him.  He doesn't care about other politicians who consistently talk garbage to win an election.  He is not a "politician" seeking the Presidency.  He is a United States Citizen, an AMERICAN, seeking the Presidency.  His goal is to save this country from further destruction and to undo the harm already caused by our previous leaders.  He wants to "Make America Great Again".  He speaks with a "proactive" agenda, not a "reactive", sit back and wait attitude.  He doesn't want to make friends with our enemies or pat them on the back, while they walk away laughing under their breath, pulling the rug from under our feet.  No, Mr. Trump will prove to be a new breed.  One that will take this country out of the hole it's in and move us forward with dignity and strength.  He is a businessman who will run America like a well-managed business, and protect it from anyone and anything that is a threat to "his" business, to "our" business.  Wake up America! We need a leader.  If Mr. Trump puts people on edge, makes them nervous, frightens them, speaks his mind, tells the truth, intimidates some, refuses to apologize - then he's done his job.  He's the man for the Presidency.  Imagine what he could do to our enemies.  Imagine what he could do for our country - our economy, our healthcare, our military, our place in this world.  Think about it.  Do you want more of the same or do you want to "Make America Great Again"?  If not for yourselves, then for your children, for your grandchildren, for the future of the United States of America.  We should be a leader among all nations.  The "flagship" country that represents tenacity, democracy and freedom for everyone.  The "flagship" country that is respected by all and cannot be fooled/messed with; and that is just one opinion from one American - Me.    (May GOD bless this beautiful country in the process.)

Monday, August 10, 2015

...on "Brooklyn in the Morning"

Thought I could sleep a bit longer this morning until the deep aromas of someone's breakfast delivery rose up from the noisy Avenue, right through my third-floor bedroom window, waking up my senses. I wasn't quite ready for the pungent odors of onions and peppers travelling up my nose when I hadn't even had the chance to sip some orange juice or brush my teeth.  If I was sitting in a diner, ordering breakfast, those aromas would have been welcomed.  Not this morning, however.  They were too strong, too early, and too stinging; and not the best "wake-up" call.  So as those food scents slowly dissipated, I rolled over, pulled the sheets back up to my neck, and fell asleep to the symphony of harmonious birds singing, neighbors laughing, and the crescendo of loud honking horns; as the traffic rolled down my Brooklyn street.

This is New York, this is Brooklyn, and I will always love it no matter what...Actually this is a great beginning for my next writing project...waking up to the aromas of onions and never know where the story can lead.  Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

...on "Writing"

Hi.  I'm a freelance writer from Brooklyn, New York, pursuing my passion for writing fiction now that I have entered the "retirement" phase of my life.  Since retiring in 2011, I have written two ebooks on  I am currently working on a third.  My earliest title is "The Hand She Dealt to Me".  This is a mystery/suspense storyline encompassing love, friendship, family and betrayal; with a bit of humor and an ethnic slant.  It takes one stranger to turn everyone's life upside down, and then lead them into a dangerous world of deceit and trickery...

I thought I'd try a different writing style approach with this ebook, so I wrote in "dialogue-only".  The characters speak to each other from beginning to end and have the great ability of reeling you into their lives so they can take you by the hand, on their journey, every step of the way.  My goal here was to place the reader in the middle of the action, so that they could see, hear, smell, taste and feel, along with the characters, as each sentence is read and each page is turned.

Has anyone read a book in a "dialogue-only" style?  I would love to hear your comments/feedback on that.

My second ebook titled "Voices" is another mystery/suspense storyline that happens in a Brooklyn basement.  Are the voices coming up from the basement, through the air shaft, real?  - or is the house haunted?  The protagonist, Rosalie, must come to terms with those voices and determine what is real and what is not, while her relationships with her one true love, Franco, and her best friend, Maria, fall apart in the process.  Only one man comes to her aid.  Can he save her?

Writing is wonderful...A writer writes from personal experiences, and then paints images and pictures through colorful words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and pages; telling great stories about extraordinary characters. An artist paints from personal experiences as well, drawing from the heart, but using vibrant-colored paints to create images and pictures for all to see.  The writer captivates you with words while the artist captivates you with color.