Monday, September 5, 2016

...on "Labor Day" 2016

Good Morning/Good Afternoon!  Fiction Tarot here...Happy Labor Day to all you workers out there who deserve this one day of recognition.  They say Labor Day is a day to remember and recognize all workers.  I say give yourself the day off and do whatever it is that makes you happy; whether it be resting and relaxation (which would be my choice), shopping online, catching up on social media, meeting friends for brunch, catching up on old movies, cuddling up with a good book, entertaining your family, firing up the barbecue.  Wow!  So many choices.  As an indie writer, it's also a good time to enjoy the quiet of the day and get those creative juices moving, in hopes of catching my next writing idea.  In essence, work hard today to give yourself a great day.  Now is that a paradox, or what? Or is it just the truth?!  Whatever it is - do it, work at it, and enjoy it; because tomorrow you have to go back to work! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Looking out the window today, I see the clouds staggering about, just waiting to cry their eyes out. But then there is the wonderful bright-shining sun popping its magical face in and between those relentless clouds. Tropical Storm "Hermine" (which could have been a hurricane, NOT??) has been threatening the East Coast this week and may or may not be on the attack in New York City.  Some may see "Hermine" as a "downer" for their Labor Day celebrations.  I see "Hermine" as an unwelcome guest who should be greeted regardless, because some guests are just parasites that can't and won't go away. So let them in, acknowledge them, but never take your eyes off them.

In the case of "Hermine", there is no control over it. It will come with a vengeance and/or leave in a hurry without a trace.  Either way, it will come and it will go.  So work around Hermine. Like I mentioned above; there are many choices to be had.  You can spend Labor Day indoors (doing all those great things), or spend it outdoors until you have no choice but to go indoors.  Don't let Hermine ruin your day.  Unless you were told to evacuate (I hope not), fire up that barbecue and eat inside watching your favorite shows on your big screen TV while Hermine lingers outside, lookin' in. Or prepare the yard, set up the yard furniture, and consume that deliciously grilled food, waiting for the Hurricane or Tropical Storm that wasn't. Either way you win.  Either way you get to enjoy good food, good drink, family, friends, laughter, conversation, or alone time - and a great end to the Summer.

Still seems to me like so much effort and work goes into planning and maintaining a perfect Labor Day - this year anyway. Not really the best way to do Labor Day. Wondering if and when "It" will hit. Yet you continue to wonder, to stress, to toil over "It", too tired to enjoy Labor Day - your Labor Day! Before you know it, tomorrow will be here.  You may be too mentally and somewhat physically exhausted to go to work.  You may need Tuesday off to recuperate from Monday.  One word of advice, however; if you do take Tuesday off, DO NOT post those multiple, fun-loving, friendly, family photos on Facebook of that great time you had on Labor Day (with or without Hermine). Why, you ask?  Well if your boss checks out your Facebook page, he/she will learn why you didn't come in to work on Tuesday to complete your work deadlines from Friday. So now more work and more stress this Labor Day, to ensure you don't run into any issues with your boss on Tuesday. All this anxiety! Social media can certainly be a curse or a blessing. It depends on what you do with it, how you do it, why you do it, and what the repercussions may be. Whatever happened to disposable cameras?? The ones that kept your secrets, gave you some privacy, and allowed you to hide the evidence  -  Oh relax, you'll figure it out.

...So far, here in New York City, the clouds and sun are playing "tag" and "hide and go seek" with each other. Very calm though.  I don't smell the grand aromas of backyard barbecues, nor do I hear the hustle and bustle of kids playing and screaming in their backyard pools.  The streets are pretty quiet (like a holiday/holiday weekend), but in the air is that threat of Hermine.  It seems people may be very cautious in their Labor Day celebrations this year, and may be celebrating quietly (or not at all), away from the view of the many curious and inquisitive Brooklyn neighbors who hide behind their windows and blinds. Whatever...there is still some strangeness in the air this year.

Weather reports have varied thus far, although something will occur up the East Coast. Hermine may drop some heavy rains, may cause coastal flooding and storm surges, dangerous riptides and ripcurrents, high winds, and the like. We won't really know until it happens. So far, New York has been spared.  Although the determining factors will actually be within the next few days into mid-week, as the weather reports predict.  All in all, the Labor Day weekend was nothing less than fine in NYC, except for the lingering threat of Hermine, which forced the pessimists to forget it was Labor Day and just take pleasure in a day off; while the optimists kept their plans and had a Grand Ol' Time all weekend, including today, Monday, Labor Day, September 5th, 2016, as if Hermine never existed. Good for them - because so far, so good.  Me, I chose to write a post to my Blog today, because Labor Day and Hermine gave me some food for thought and a writing trigger.  Of course I have some great leftovers in the fridge from yesterday that would put some (not all) backyard barbecues to shame.  That's coming from me, Fiction Tarot, an Italian female living in Brooklyn, who believes in family-style Sunday dinners, with leftovers for Monday; which, in this case, has proven to be the savior of Labor Day and not an inkling of a problem because of visiting Hermine.  After all, I am from the "just in case" generation, who was taught by the "just in case" generations before her, that cooking Italian, cooking large and cooking enough for the next day, will always "SAVE THE DAY!" -   So take that Hermine!

On a more serious note, for anyone who has been affected by Hurricane or Tropical Storm Hermine, or who may or will be affected in the coming days...prayers and blessings that you/we recover from any damages, and that we all remain safe. If Hermine leaves without issue, thank you and God Bless!