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Dialogue-driven Fiction (Family, Friendship, Love, A Psychic, Danger, Deceit and Betrayal)

Fiction (Love, Romance, Friendship, Mental Illness, Betrayal, The Cellar, Fear, Mystery, Suspense, New Love)

A Novella (Family, Love, Secrets, Lies, Adoption, Marital Betrayal, the Mafia Boss, the Family Priest, Fate)

POETRY:  A collection of original poems written by the author through the years, compiled into this short anthology, to be shared publicly (on love, romance, nature, emotions, life's lessons, and dedications)

Friday, June 17, 2016

...My Writing Style at a Glance - "Voices"

Here is an excerpt from my second ebook, titled "Voices".  CHECK IT OUT!

Rosalie was numb. She thought to herself, “Could I be going crazy? Am I suffering from schizophrenia?” Maria and Franco also looked surprised. Rosalie caught Maria and Franco glancing at each other. Could they possibly be wondering the same thing, that Rosalie was going crazy. Rosalie, suddenly in tears, blurted out, “So what does this mean Ms. Price? Am I crazy? Am I imagining these voices? Is this all in my head? What are you sensing Ms. Price?” Franco put his arms around Rosalie and hugged her tightly from behind. Maria patted Rosalie’s shoulder.

Ms. Price, showing an unusually sensitive side, took Rosalie’s hand and said, “You are not going crazy my dear. I said I am not picking up any negative energy, but I am picking up something. I must ask you this, however - Have both your parents passed?” Rosalie nodded in the affirmative. “Well dear, coming forward are two elderly people. One is an attractive woman with gray hair and of short stature who is quite feisty and eager to speak. Alongside her is a tall handsome gentleman, who is very well dressed, wearing a fedora on his head, also eager to come through.” Rosalie looked a bit spooked, but replied that the two elderly people Ms. Price described as coming through to her seem to be her parents. Ms. Price described them to perfection. Rosalie further stated to Ms. Price that she was in shock that they would even present themselves to Ms. Price, because both her parents kept to themselves pretty much and she couldn’t believe that they would actually come forward to a stranger.

Ms. Price explained to Rosalie that in the spirit world there are times when our loved ones want and need to reach out to us. She stressed that they seek to connect with the living through someone like herself, a psychic medium. At this moment Ms. Price had Rosalie’s, Franco’s and Maria’s undivided attention as she continued to bring forth a message from both Rosalie’s parents. “It is a dire warning my dear. They are showing me images that someone close to you Rosalie is trying to come between you and your partner Franco. You must make yourself aware of this and look at your friends and acquaintances. Be very much aware of who you associate with dear. It seems your parents strongly feel someone is trying to hurt you and will go to any extreme to do this. Heed their warning and know that this is their way of coming through and letting you know that they are watching over you at all times. They are with you dear and wish to protect you. Perhaps your nerves are on edge and what you are hearing in the cellar is nothing more than your fear and imagination.  Please take time for yourself and relax your mind and body. Take some yoga classes, learn to meditate. Clear your head dear. Calm your mind and focus on this warning from your parents. I am sure that in due time it will all make sense. I will pray for you dear. I did sweep the cellar with burning sage in order to keep it peaceful and calm for you, so do not concern yourself about anything negative there. Feel free to go down to that cellar at any time, it is quite safe. You have my word and my expertise that all is well down there. That is your space, part of your home. Enjoy it without fear. Good luck dear. I must leave, I am pressed for time.” Ms. Price gently tapped Rosalie’s hand, then summoned Franco to show her out.

...My Writing Style at a Glance - "Treasure Chest of Words" (A Collection of Original Poems)

Here is an excerpt from an ebook of poetry I recently put together.  These are poems I have written over the years on various subjects; I have dated them to the best of my recollection and documentation.  The book is titled "Treasure Chest of Words" (A Collection of Original Poems)

(March 16, 1987)

A Rosebush sheds the winter’s frost
Awaiting summer bliss
As June unfolds a tender smile
Upon her lips, a kiss

The garden wakes to melodies
Of birds and sweet, soft breeze
While Mother Nature leads the dance
Of the emerald trees

Has life adorned me, once again,
with its mystical eyes?
Or has it come to lure me, with its mask
of seasonal lies?
…Lure me to the depths of evil,
where ice runs through my veins?
…Or lure me towards summer bliss,
and June’s soft, subtle rains…

I hope to waken to nature’s kiss
of sun-sweet, golden morn;
and frolic in her limpid lakes,
where souls may be reborn;
With hopes that lyin’ masks will die,
or hide within her song;
...Until the Rosebush sheds the frost,
of the wicked winter-long

(February 8, 1988)

Riding upon nocturnal breezes,
whirling wondrously; She came…

She stopped but for a moment,
to kiss the full moon with her silhouette;
As she danced so gracefully amidst the shining stars.
Pouring rain stained her veil,
and a whipping wind galloped through her golden hair.

It massaged her cheekbones
with abrasive hands
…While her onyx eyes sparkled - like two fireflies in the darkened night.
Her ruby lips sat upon her face,
and captured the moonlight like a precious gem.
And She came; riding upon nocturnal breezes,
whirling wondrously, again.

…and “He”- he slept in dreamlike joy,
with a flutter in his heart -
Just awaiting her return;
For too long, they were apart
…and through eerie darkness,
she flew across his floor.
She landed softly at his feet,
and stood before him, near the door!

She calmed his soul
with her enchanting flight…
Yet he remained in trance-like sleep, on this very night
Then she magically escaped the bonds
of her flowing white-silk gown,
And pressed her pale warm flesh
against his naked body…

She protected him with love and warmth,
as their souls met, once again;
But she left before he woke,
to spare him a “good-bye” and final end.

…the morning light came crashing through
the window in his room,
And brought that same strange silence
that pushed him to his ruin!
…He focused his weary eyes upon her smiling photograph –
Then hung his head and cried…

(Summer of 1988)

Whispering winds sing such sweet songs
Lingering chimes thrill the night
The sea roars wild in the twilight
Crashing its waves of foam white
Old sand castles fade where the shore wets its lips
Echoes of fog horns bounce off the tips
Of the rocks in the moonlight which shimmer so fine
Like the lustrous sheen of onyx divine

The deep-daring odor of seaweed is strong
Riding the waves as they tumble along
And cotton-ball clouds float ‘cross the sky
Ducking past moonbeams, then meet eye to eye
The melody heightens as deep darkness falls
The night will grow meek when the Sun Lord calls
And morning will open its arms to the sea
--The waves will fall softly, the sand castles free.

(Summer of 1988)
(Dedicated to Elvis Presley)

When August breezes whisper tunes
of yesterday, I will
remember you…
And through it all, I can recall,
The echo ‘round the world;
“It’s Now or Never”, “Love Me Tender”,
“Good Luck Charm”, and “Surrender”…

There was a sudden death today
and the world became still –
The silence swept the torrid streets
and left behind a chill.
Sorrow filled the hearts of many,
who have listened to him sing –
The man is gone; the Legend lives -
The Legend of the King

Beneath his smile a memory burns
with each vibrant song;
and through the torment of it all,
he never did belong.
This memory, which chains his soul,
of one he loved so dear,
Has grown so huge, since ’58,
and he aches to hold her near.

The grief which reigns would change his life,
His eyes will bleed with tears.
The grief will greet his every day –
His pain will breed his fears.
His home will sob each holiday
from the loss of one so fair.
Her spirit hums a world away,
but often visits there.

A lonely heart he did possess
Yet smiled so warm and true
And from his lips he did confess,
“It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)” –
Yet, through it all he always knew
there was the question “Why?” -
But tears shall fall, and God may call,
an answer from the sky.

…August of ’77 left a sad earth behind…
From the rockin’ halls of heaven,
he looks upon mankind.
Someday he knows we’ll meet again,
so now we say good-bye.
The loss is great – until then,
when we may learn why.

His music fills the universe
and children seem to know,
The man that is a Legend now,
has lived some time ago.
But he sings the world a lullaby
each clear and star-filled night,
and flies about the heavens,
‘til dark meets morning light

When August breezes whisper tunes
of yesterday, I will
remember you…
And through it all, I can recall,
The echo ‘round the world;
“It’s Now or Never”, “Love Me Tender”,
“Good Luck Charm”, and “Surrender”…

...My Writing Style at a Glance - "Secrets and Lies"

Here is an excerpt from a third ebook I recently completed, titled "Secrets and Lies" - CHECK IT OUT!

Through her tears and her many questions, Grace knew that she had to confront her cousin Joe about this. She knew he would be the only one left to have the answers she needed. Joe was the one who handed Grace Jenny’s recipe book at the end of the funeral today. He told Grace that Jenny had left him with that responsibility several weeks ago, while she was hospitalized. Jenny knew she was very sick and wanted to be sure that the book was left in the right hands…So, of course, Joe had to have known about the adoption...Grace was beside herself with sorrow. She was bewildered and uncertain. She had to see Joe as soon as possible, and would be sure to do that right away.

Joe was a successful lawyer, working as a Corporate Attorney for a large firm in Manhattan. Maybe with his legal ties he would agree to help her find her birth parents now that all is said and done. She needed closure…Having pleasurable memories of Joe, Grace thought about how handsome he truly is. Guiltily, she could now see him as a “man” and not her cousin. There was something very strange about what she was feeling at this moment. She was stuck somewhere between family and friend, and was having a hard time figuring out which.

Regardless, she was so proud of Joe and the person he had become. He was tall, slim, and nicely built. He had dark hair, deep brown eyes, and an olive complexion. He always smelled so good, so clean; as if he had just stepped out of the shower. His suits were custom-made with that European touch, and he wore them well. He was smart and he was classy. Yes, Grace was so proud of her cousin Joe. They shared a happy and wonderful relationship over the years. He was always protective of Grace, just like an older brother would be. Sometimes too much, she thought. Joe went over and beyond when it came to Grace. Not only would he protect her from anyone and anything that he thought may pose a threat to Grace – but, as he reached his late teens and early adulthood, he would shower her with special gifts for her birthday and Christmas - Expensive blouses, designer perfumes, Broadway tickets, and fancy dinners for two which they both thoroughly enjoyed together…Now she can understand why. They were never biologically related, and Joe knew it. Yes, Grace truly needed to speak with Joe.

...My Writing Style at a Glance - "The Hand She Dealt to Me"

Just an excerpt from my first ebook, titled "The Hand She Dealt to Me" - CHECK IT OUT!

...Yes I am Fortune Teller. You look surprised. Please know that I am very good at what I do. Let me read fortune for you – for free. You come see me. For you I do tarot reading. Tarot is very powerful reading. You will enjoy the experience.

Well I don’t really believe in that kind of thing. I’m Catholic Amira, and this type of thing goes against my religion. It’s really forbidden.

But I have gift from God. I do good thing, not bad. How can good thing be forbidden my friend?

Who is your God, Amira. Is it Allah? I know, because you’re Muslim. We do not practice the same religion. We don’t believe in the same God. Allah is not my God Amira. Still, I don’t believe Allah would approve of Fortune Telling either.

Oh no my friend. You make a little mistake here. Allah is God in Muslim religion, yes; but Allah is not my God too. I am Catholic, like you Lia. Even though my family is from Lebanon, we have many Catholics there. I am good Christian, like you Lia. So as I say, I have gift from God in heaven. Our God Lia. Believe me, I only work for the good, not the bad, not the evil.

Well now I’m even more surprised Amira. I don’t know many Catholics that would choose your line of work as a career. I’m sure you do very good things for some people, but I wouldn’t like to know my future. That’s in God’s hands. God has a plan for all of us Amira, even you. What will be, will be. Now please, I really should go. I’m running late.

Wait my friend. Please. I can help you with family matter, personal matter, finance. Let me read tarot for you. I sense you need some help with family matter. I see aura around you that tells me you are a little sad maybe? In need of a little help maybe? You have some things
on your mind that cause you a little confusion? You worry much. Come…come walk back to
my shop. I read for free.